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on Finance and operations paper

Think of a specific business you find interesting (i.e. Apple, Southwest Airlines, etc.).

• Research the business’ financial statement.

Select the Morningstar site offering your company’s financial statement. You will see a number of financial ratios for your company. Review this example for Apple.

Define the following ratios, include the ratio for your business and explain what each ratio means for the business moving forward.

Return on assets

Return on equity

Return on capital

Gross margin

SG&A margin

Current ratio

Quick ratio

Total debt/equity

Total revenue

Gross profit

• Explain which ratios you feel are most important for the business and why.

Requirements: •

Use APA format with a title page, in-text citations and references. No abstract required. •

Research and cite at least two credible sources with APA format. 2-3 pages not including title/reference page.