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The amount of money promised to Redwood Zoo by each Donor is referred to as a Pledge. In addition to identifying the Donor who made the pledge, the retained information must also include the Fund that was specified by the Donor, the date the pledge was made, the amount pledged, and the payment method (either Cash, Credit or Check).

ERD Given the information described above, develop an ERD that shows the entities, fields, keys and relationships. Your ERD (created in LucidChart) should also show the datatypes and field sizes, since that will allow you to ensure that the tables and fields you build in Access will be consistent with the design. As suggested above, there are several fields that might benefit from using Lookup fields so that the user can select from a dropdown list of options rather than remember what exactly to enter. In order to retain dtabase integrity it is essential for information entered into the database be accurate. Information would not be accurate if Donors typed in their own version of a FundCode (e.g., “I love Penguins!”), or entered “Mastercard” for payment method when the Redwood Zoo specified the choices of Cash, Check Credit.