Answer 2 Questions:


Consider and discuss specific examples of the benefits and/ordisadvantages of using group decision making in your current or formerworkplace. Also, what types of communication may be effective during agroup decision making process.


exercise, titled “The Sum of the Team is Less Than Its Members”(end of Chapter 10). After reading the dilemma in your book, answer the following questions: (questions are also in your textbook). Prepare your work in a Word document for submission.

Do you think you could be convinced to let your organization dump chemicals such as chromium-6 into the water supply? Why or why not?

Why might top management teams be more likely to make unethical decisions than their individual members would make?

Read the detailed info noted in the 3rd question in your book at the end of this exercise in Chapter 10 of your textbook and then answer the question: How might these outcomes affect the ethical decisions of top management teams in the future?

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