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This research project will be documented in a scholarly paper (4-5 pages- Double-spaced Times 11 font- APA) exploring an aspect of research experience to the field of anthropology. Please note that your paper should include the incorporation of an article published in a scholarly journal as well as commentary on ONE or more of previous chapters covered (most relevant to your subject) in our textbook (as well as any pertinent special topics)

This paper will be over Cultural Anthropology – Life History: Record the life history of a close relative or a person that may hold a singular perspective on a historical event (The Mexican revolution?), or have a unique skill (an artist, singer, craftsman). What does the perception of a person that ACTUALLY experiences history or a tradition of expertise/creativity offer us with regard to cultural insight?

* I will include a scholarly journal and I will incorporate the chapters myself after the essay is done.*

*I had to do an abstract or outline for this essay and this is what I wrote:

The JSTOR that I have chosen is called “MEXICAN AMERICAN LEADERS DEFEND THEIR CULTURE AND PEOPLE” it consists of 26 pages in chapter 4 of the book “Dos Mundos: Rural Mexican Americans, Another America” This chapter talks about life in America as a Mexican immigrant or Mexican-American born citizen and how Mexican-American leaders strive to help their people.

“Life in America as a Mexican citizen”

I have chosen to write my Anthropology Exploration Paper on the topic of Cultural Anthropology. I intend to conduct my research through a few different methods. Some of those methods include speaking to my family, specifically my grandma who lived in Mexico for nearly half of her life, researching historical events from differing cultures, and to conduct site analysis on some things that I have learned while in this class. I will particularly be looking for how a change in cultures, specifically Mexican to American culture affects those who move to America. The relevance of the information that I will find is very important because of its information about multiple cultures and how Mexican- American people feel about their two cultures. I will also specifically be looking for events that occurred in Mexico that affected Mexican society and even American society at the same time. I will be utilizing information from various chapters in our textbook including chapter 12, chapter 13, and chapter 22 as all of these chapters have useful information regarding my specific topic. ‘

*Can you make up the conversation with my grandma?

*I have included the link to the JSTOR that I chose to use as a reference: