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What situation would be an example of an exploit?

Discuss your answer,using references and APA Formatting

A. A major league baseball pitcher takes his daughter to a carnival and plays a game wherein he can earn prizes if he can use a beanbag to knock over all of the cans stacked in a pyramid formation in the game’s booth. In each of the 10 rounds of the carnival game that the pitcher plays, he knocks down all the cans, and he wins his daughter the largest stuffed animal prize in the booth.

B. An art thief sneaks into a museum and steals a famous painting and then sneaks out of the museum without being caught by security because the thief identified and traveled through the museum via blind spots of the museum’s security cameras. After the incident, the museum increases the number of security guards and cameras guarding the museum at all times.

C. A film reel catches fire in the middle of a crowded showing of a popular new release film. The film is ruined. Due to the cinema’s policy, all of the people in that audience receive refunds for the price of their tickets.

D. A man discovers someone’s lost wallet. When the man attempts to use the credit cards found in the wallet, he finds that they have been reported as stolen and he is unable use the cards to carry out any transactions.