Create an initial discussion posting and submit to your discussion group. The posting should answer the following four (4) questions based on what you learned from the Module readings and media (Chapter 2: Analyzing The Business Case) (Attached Below)

  1. What did you learn from the Reading of this module? (Use of “I” statements are a great way to answer this question. Please don’t review or outline chapters, articles, or other media. This is about what you learned!
  2. Why would you want to learn this? This is a general, big picture question. Answer as such…
  3. Business Case Application: How could you use what you learned (above) in the development of your Business Case? This is a SPECIFIC EXAMPLE question. Give one (1) specific example where you could use what you learned in the ongoing development of the Business Case used in your Group Project. Resist being general or generic. BE SPECIFIC!
  4. Include a related web page, write a description of the web page and why you chose it as a reference to these Readings / Media / What you Learned.