module 06 nltk A+ Writers |

You recently started working as a data analyst and need to analyze the data using NLTK. You need to analyze the paragraph below and assign a “Minnesota” keyword as a stop words.


This school was founded in 1900 by Walter Rasmussen as the Rasmussen Practical School of Business, located in Stillwater, Minnesota. Rasmussen believed that the need for skilled professionals by the local business community was not being met.

The first classes were held in September 1900.With the advent of women’s suffrage in 1920 through the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment, the school’s female enrollment began to increase. In 1945 Walter Rasmussen retired and named Walter Nemitz to succeed him as director of the college. Nemitz had been already with the college since 1934 and as director instituted a number of curriculum upgrades. By 1950, more than 22,400 students had graduated from the school.

You need to perform following tasks:

  • Tokenized words
  • Print the filtered list without “Minnesota” keyword.

For your submission, include the following:

  • The original script.
  • An output screenshot.