MLA or APA Format Scavenger Hunt

Use the Purdue OWL resource on the web to answer each question.

1.What is the difference in formatting the title of an article vs. the title of a book? Provide an example of each.

2. What is a long quotation and how is the forming different from a short quotation?

3. What is the difference between having the author’s name in the signal phrase vs. in the parenthetical citation? Provide an example for each.

4. How do you cite a work in an academic journal on a works cited page AND in an in text-citation? Provide an example from your research thus far.

5. How do you cite a webpage or electronic resource on a works cited page? Give an example.

6. How do you cite an online version of a newspaper or periodical on a works cited page? Give an example.

7.How do you cite a source quoted in another source in your in-text citation?