Research one of the mental disorders and its evaluation and assessments. For example, you can use an Internet search engine to look up a disorder on the following sites:

  • National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
  • Mental
  • American Psychological Association Help Center (APA)

Write a 500-word report on a specific mental disorder, the diagnosis of the disorder, and possible treatment/s available. Be sure to use correct grammar, spelling, paragraph formation, with the subheadings per the template in APA. Use APA formatting, following the guidelines and template, including the reference booklet, posted in the course room in the first week.

This is a 2-page paper, and your subheadings that follow the introduction (which does not have a heading!), are Symptoms of Disorder, Treatment of Disorder, and Conclusion. References is the last page and any references you use must be in your paper where you use them. Be sure to reference the APA material as it explains everything. This is not a difficult assignment, so use your textbook and at least one of the sources above for help in learning about the disorder.