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Assignment Content

  1. Read the Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Units case study starting on p. 335, Ch. 11 of
    Criminal Justice Organizations.
    : Access the case study via the Criminal Justice Organizations Case Study link in the Wk 4 Learning Activities folder.

    Write a 700 word paper
    answering the questions that directly follow the end of the case study. Emphasize strategies that could have prevented much of the conflict that occurred in the scenario.
    Use the questions in “Think like an Administrator” on p. 337 for possible topics to cover
    but DO NOT answer the questions from the “Think like an Administrator” in your paper NOR do you answer the questions at the end of the book chapter, just the questions that follow the case study. See the Grading Guide below if you are still unsure what questions to answer as I have printed them in the Grading Guide.

    Format your paper according to APA guidelines.