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Assignment 1

Discussion (DM2). Supply & Demand.

First response by Thursday. Respond to at least two other students.

Watch a clip from the movie”Frozen” that illustrates the concept of Supply and Demand

Part 1: Think of business you would want to start. Highlight what factors would have to be considered to gauge the market demand for your business. What supply information would be useful to you in deciding upon a business strategy?

Part 2: Find an article/news item on the Internet that deals with the demand or supply of a good or a service in this time of Covid-19 Pandamic. Give a brief summary and post a link to an article. (Please make sure that you do not post what someone has already posted. No credit will be given for duplicates).

Make sure to write a thoughtful and well-researched response to at least two other students.

Assignment 2

Please answer the following questions and follow up with INTERACTION with your on-line classmates:

-In your opinion, What is the American Dream and what makes it “special”?

-Do you feel that the American Dream is applicable to all American citizens? Why or Why not?

-Do you believe you will achieve the American Dream? Why or Why not?

-Is there anything that can be done to make the American Dream more of a reality or is it fine they way it is?