literature review about museum education and public programs 2 A+ Writers |

Title and topic of the literature is “How do museums across the world support educational programs through their websites

Part 1 was already done (check the attached) so just follow the paper and write the review of literature for parts 2,3,4. Please FOLLOW THE PAPER ATTACHED AND THE OUTLINE!

1500 words for topic 1, 1500 words for topic 2, and 1500 words for topic 3

Topic 1 was already written, now i need to add topics 2, 3, and 4 to the final literature review.

You’ll also find a list of resources in the attached to be used for the literature review. You will also add more from your findings

the final paper is a literature review, which contains these four sub titles, So in the intro part, you might say this lit review contains four comprehensive aspects

1. The history and importance of museum programs, and learning theories based on them.

2. The difficulties about translating programs from traditional ones into digital ones, and advantages to access issues.

3. The current situation of museum programs on websites.

4. Related studies on western and eastern museum websites, what and how these studies did.