key sections to a business plan 2 A+ Writers |

  • Executive Summary
    • Summary of the Company
    • Financial Summary (financials and projections summary)
    • Transaction Rationale
  • Market Overview
    • Target Market – Size and Growth of opportunity
    • Customers – who target customer are
  • Value Added Services
    • Core Company Capabilities – what the company does
    • How firm makes money – unit economics,
    • Uniqueness of Business – what makes you different
    • What Problems does your business solve
  • Competitive Environment
    • Who are your competitors – what are they doing now, what are they purchasing now,
    • SWOT analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
    • Context – how is your market changing and how will changes in the market benefit or hurt you (regulatory, technology, customer needs)
    • How do you sustain a competitive advantage over time?