NEED ASAP, just rough draft , just need to be decent. 650 words want it within 1.5 hour

write an essay categorizing the negative or positive characteristics of people. Your thesis must be narrowed to a specific topic and contain a debatable thesis (an opinion) that links the three types of people. For example, A, B, and C are the most maddening types of people (the clingy, the gossipy, and the judgmental for ex.); A, B, and C are the most valuable types of people to befriend; A, B, and C make the best coworkers; A, B, and C are the most productive types of people; A, B, and C are the most irritating people to be around;

Essay Requirements (See Weeks 1-3 and Ch. 2-8 for more specific guidance)

  1. Pre-write to generate ideas (Consider visiting your journal writings for ideas)
  2. The last page of your essay should be a brief, formal outline of your essay (paragraph by paragraph) (see p. 62-64 for guidance)
  3. Use MLA format (see p. 742) (double-spaced, 12pt. font, Times New Roman or Courier New, etc.)
  4. Use two or more hooks in your introduction: Anecdote, Quotation, Profound Question or Statement, the Opposition, Statistic or Fact, Description, Definition, Comparison (simile/met.), or Brief, Engaging Background Information. Be sure to transition into the next sentence after each hook.
  5. Please state your debatable thesis (must satisfy prompt) at the end of paragraph one for this essay.