The aim of the ISS essays is to critically analyse some of the principal issues and challenges in the field of International Security Studies, centered on Themes 2 and 3 of the modules.


The ISS essay requires you to utilise the different theories and approaches they have been introduced to during the module and to analyse and critically reflect on some of the key challenges and issues in contemporary Security Studies. They aim to test your understanding of the some of the core debates shaping ISS and your ability to utilise different approaches and theoretical frameworks and apply them to specific issues and case studies.


State Fragility

Examine the ways in which so-called fragile states in the Middle East and/or Africa threaten international security. Answer with reference to following threat: environmental and energy insecurity

Reading lists: Theme 3.2; Theme 3.1 (IS); Theme 1.2

*** Words counts = 4000 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

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