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View on you tube “Can the Israeli and Palestinians See Eye to Eye Discussion”

What are some of the points of contention and disagreement?

Any ideas to a solution?

Your response to this dialogue… NOT A SUMMARY… your thoughts!! Be sure to use principles/ terms / concepts from the chapters/ ppt. podcasts… Specifically from chapter 4! MAKE THESE CLEARLY MARKED IN YOUR DISCUSSION! 250 or more words

Terms/principles you can use:

~Beliefs: connect between a character and an object (cow’s blood- strength, river- energy)

•Attitudes: a predisposition to respond (Neg., Pos., Neutral) to object or practice

•Values: shared ideas within a culture, what is important or desirable

~Worldview: assumptions and beliefs about the nature of reality…the universe, human life, God, philo. issues, concepts of being

~Cultural Gaze: “looking out”/ “looking in”Common with every culture

Ethnic Tourism: invited to experience other cultures

Ethnocentrism: point of reference that every culture needs to understand the world and itself (from where we are, particular location and time period)

Positionality Principle is claiming authority for culture’s vision of the world.