inquiry 3 the traffic problem and possible solution of the united states A+ Writers |

Project: For this paper, you will explore a public issue: trafic problem and argue your own position in an essay.

you will write your own persuasive argument essay weighing in on the issue, using, and responding to the sources in your annotated bibliography. In your essay, you will provide an overview of the issue, explain the major points of view on it, and present your own argument. You should build an argument that is both persuasive and intellectually rigorous.

Purpose and Audience: The primary purposes for this assignment include the following:

(1) to recognize language as a powerful tool in the public sphere;

(2) to analyze arguments using rhetorical principles;

(3) to engage with multiple perspectives on an issue;

(4) to practice methods of research and source documentation.

Your audience should be a public one—you are attempting to engage, reach, and persuade an educated, thoughtful audience of people who might have a different perspective or who may or may not be familiar with your topic or issue. Remember that an argument does not necessarily mean controversy; rather, an argument is persuasive. A student might argue for the benefits of reading to children before the age of two. This is not a controversial, emotional topic but is an issue of public importance.

Length: 5 – 6 pages with the Works Cited page as your seventh page. If this is at least three pages long, I will not be deducting any points. You must have a Works Cited page.

you will write an essay seeking to persuade your audience to accept your argument and any proposed solutions. You will use and respond to the sources from your Annotated Bibliography. You will provide an overview of the issue, explain the major points of view on it, and present your own argument.

Some questions to consider as you work on this project: What is the purpose of my argument? What do I want to do through my argument? Who is my audience? What sorts of evidence will be effective for that audience? Will the rhetorical strategies of appeals to logic (logos), emotion (pathos), or ethics (ethos) persuade them? How can I effectively use my sources mentioned in my annotated bibliography? How can I build my own ethos (credibility) in my paper?

Criteria for Evaluation:

  • Uses at least six substantial sources.
  • Research sources are integrated fluidly and ethically into your writing.
  • Research sources are properly cited.
  • Enters into dialogue with other points of view; respects other points of view.
  • Develops a persuasive argument.
  • Uses coherent, fluent, well-organized, correct prose.
  • Writing meets assignment parameters.