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  1. Information Systems Security

The Articles is above just work on it if possible or you can tell me if you have any other idea

Part 1 of the Research Assignment requires you to find: (One page or answer the questions)

Two Articles Related to Cybersecurity and are current [within the last 6 months]

Post the following Information in the Discussion Board labeled: Research Assignment Part 1

For Each Article:

1: The URL to the Source Article
2: The Article Title
3: The Author of the Article
4: The Date of the Article
5: Identify how the Article is related to the topic and the other article.

Once Submitted to the Discussion Board, * Await Approval *

Once you have obtained approval for the topic, highlight the important parts of the articles and submit them as a word document to the Submission Folder below labeled “Research Assignment Part 1”.

Part 2 of the Research Paper assignment involves writing a summary report which ends up being 5 pages but with very specific page titles. 5 pages in word documents.

The paper is built off of the two primary source articles you found. The report will consist of:

Summary (1)
Technical Issues (2)
Policy Issues (or Foreign Policy, and/or Cyber Defense Policy if for National Defense topics) (3)
Other Issues (3)
Recommendations (4)
Conclusion (5)

Those are the titles, and the numbers signify the page of the report. If 3 is multiple pages, so be it.
Tell the story. If Technical issues is half a page, so be it. Make it known why.

Abstract is required, References in APA format are required. In-Text Citations are required.
Visit… for more information about APA format papers.

Part 3 of the Research Paper 10 slides power ponit

In this part of the research paper assignment, you will build a presentation using Powerpoint.

The guiding document is your research paper. Each slide will match a research paper section from your paper:

Technical Issues
Policy Issues (Foreign Policy, Cyber Defense, Other)

Keep the presentation within 8-10 minutes. To do that, you have to be prepared.
Have someone else read your paper. It helps keep it concise and understandable for the presentation.

Submit your presentation to the link below titled: Research Assignment Part.