in a three page paper with a cited works resource page mla format you will discuss why it is important for people within all communities to be socially responsible by engaging in the arts A+ Writers |


In a three page paper with a cited works/resource page (MLA format) you will discuss why it is important for people within all communities to be socially responsible by engaging in the arts.

  • Paragraph One: Explain your cultural history and background. Describe the characteristics of your culture and upbringing. How did the arts play a role in your culture, traditions or even religion? Was it absent or very present? How were the arts integrated into your life?
  • Paragraph Two: What various cultures have left a major impact on you in life apart from your own? How have you engaged with various people of various cultures in personal or professional ways?
  • Paragraph Three: What forms of art did you grow up with? What forms of art and culture have you been exposed to over time? What did you know about theater before you began to study it in class? What have you been exposed to now? Many of the art forms that were exposed to were from various cultures, how did you adequately inform yourself about these cultural forms of art? What have they taught you about people and yourself?
  • Paragraph Four: Using examples of art forms that you have read or seen in class, explain how these cultural texts reflect your life or aspects of society that are relevant today? How do they reflect today’s society through their themes, issues or storyline? How do they coincide, reflect or parallel with aspects of your culture, upbringing, way of life today?
  • Paragraph Five: Now that you have reflected on how issues within the art forms that you have read and seen coincide with issues in society today, explain why it is important for these types of stories and works of art to be produced for the community? Why does the community need to be exposed to all forms of art? What is your social and civic responsibility as a community member to inform and create? How do the arts aide in that? How does theater assist the community socially? Does it have an impact on the community? How so? Are there examples in history of how forms of art have impacted the community socially or politically? Why should we continue to engage in community through the arts? Explain how you would have a community engage with a particular play or cultural experience in a more in-depth way.
  • Paragraph Six: Summarize what you have learned from your study in the arts. How has it effected the way you see art and culture? How has it inspired you to want to bring or learn about more art within your community?


  • 60 points for answering each of the 6 paragraphs of questions with thoughtful clarity and completion and use of real world examples.
  • 20 points for correct sentence structure, punctuation and spelling.
  • 10 points for essay format.
  • 10 points for resource page.