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In a six-paragraph, academic essay, please present 2 contrasting solutions to the problem you explored in essays #1 and #2. Prove one solution is ineffective and one solution is likely to be effective. Use your knowledge of proper argumentation to make your case. Avoid argumentative fallacies in your own argument and point out argumentative fallacies in the ineffective solution. Most importantly, provide evidence from at least 4 outside sources. THESE SOURCES MUST BE DIFFERENT THAN THE ONES YOU USED IN ESSAYS #1 or #2.


Your thesis should tell:

  1. What the limited topic is (2 competing solutions to your problem)
  2. What your side is (which one is likely to be effective and which one is likely to be ineffective)
  3. How you know your effective solution is better than the other


Sample Thesis:

  1. Two possible solutions to the problem of fake news today are to either ban fake news altogether or target foreign sources of fake news. Because banning fake news threatens our first amendment rights to free speech in America, directly targeting foreign sources of fake news is likely to be more effective.


Please include a works cited page


A quote must be introduced and give a parenthetical citation. Be sure to properly punctuate!

The parenthetical citation gives the author’s last name and page number. If there is no author, use the title. If there is no page number, skip the page number.

Cite any information you get from an outside source. Each sentence that contains information must have its own parenthetical.

  • Example: According to evidence, “quoting helps your argument” (Smith 45).
  • No author? Use the title. Example: According to evidence, “quoting helps your argument” (“On Quoting” 45).
  • No page number? Skip the page number. Example: According to evidence, “quoting helps your argument” (Smith).