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Read and write a review of an article about leadership. You may choose an article from an academic journal, professional journal or business periodical. You may want to search for an article in the online library databases (found in the Resource Room in Blackboard). You may not chose any articles that are part of your textbook for this assignment.

Your review should be 3 to 4 pages in length and include a brief overview of the article, relevant points from the article, and a description of what you have learned from the article that you could apply to your own leadership. The focus of your paper should be the application of what you have learned from the article and how it applies to your current or future work in leadership, not just a summary of what was said in the article. For this reason, you can use first person in your review (even though you typically would not in an academic APA style paper) in order to describe this application. Be sure to include citations and references in APA format for all sources used, including the article itself and your textbook (if you use any ideas from the text).

Provide the article you will used for this assignment along with answer [in a separate attachment]