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ï‚· Pick a real company that you would like to work for in an industry sector that

particularly interests you (for example: the media, arts, fashion, energy, food, information

tech, healthcare, manufacturing, finance or engineering).

ï‚· Identify an emerging trend that is impacting the company/industry. The trend can be

national and/or global, political, economic or simply a consumer shift. Examples might

be the advances in virtual reality technology, the growing role of robotics, on-line

learning through MOOCs (massive online open courses), the emergence of Big Datas, the

expansion of apps beyond the smartphone, non-traditional loans like crowdsourcing.

Originality will be rewarded. Avoid older, well-established trends such as the rise of

cord-cutting or the death of bookstores. Base your research on at least 2 credible sources.

ï‚· Research the trend and its impact on your company and the industry sector. Identify the

most critical problems, challenges and opportunities that the trend presents and narrow

them down to the most significant. Make sure your analysis is based on in-depth research

of the firm’s current and past performances vis-à-vis the competition. Explore the future

outlook for the sector in general and your specific company in the context of this trend.

Consider an array of potential strategies to manage/exploit the trend. Identify and evaluate the

merits of potential adjustments to company operations and goals that could help exploit the trend

to achieve maximize growth and profits.