1. In no more than 4 paragraphs: Write a critical assessment of how your topic for study this term relates to your own identity” Christianity and myth???????????NOTE: Identity – The conceptual equation between two entities. Identity can be ontological or conceptual. Idea of who you are in relation purpose as a Christian / your expectation. Your ideas are not also value judgment.
  1. In an essay of about 6-8 full paragraphs (6-8 sentences each):
  2. Use reliable, 5 scholarly sources from UMUC’s library, when possible, to help you choose five sources you will be using in your final project.
  3. Write a one-paragraph summary for each source explaining its relationship to your topic “Christianity and mythological theme”
  4. Rely on the information we have covered in class meetings to focus your research.
  5. Cite your sources using MLA format.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miraculous_births https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesus_in_comparative_mythology
  1. Outline your contents (introduction, background, Reference’s) in relation to Christianity and myths, don’t forget to Crate a PPD workshop on Myth in the World. Your goal is that of UNESCO, which is to help the world “grow and live in a cultural environment rich in diversity and dialogue, where heritage serves as a bridge between generations and peoples and where interconnections and diversity must serve as opportunities to build peace in the minds of men and women.” As such, your presentations must be scholarly and useeffective presentation strategies as outlined in the learning resources. You should have a robust and engaging dialogue centered on your mutual discoveries of “Myth in the World.”
  2. Ask questions and answer them

3. Cite your sources using MLA format.