How low will we go?? Barry Bonds, Marion Lewis, Manny, A-Rod, now suspended for a year, the “Home Run King” himself, Mark MacGwire and “Mr Clean” Lance Armstrong … the list just keep growing! 🙁 As does the list of abused substances and medical procedures used to gain an edge in sports…blood doping, human growth hormone and now perhaps even gene doping!

For this module activity on the musculoskeletal system, first read the links in Unit 3 concerning the effects of anabolic steroid use, along with the links listed below (And please remember, these anabolic steroids are NOT the same as anti-inflammatory (cortico)steroids like cortisone. PLEASE do not confuse them with what you or others may take to suppress a severe reaction to something like poison ivy or for arthritis or asthma)!

For the unit discussion activity on the musculoskeletal system, first view the Brainpop (user; limestonecollege PW: therock):

Brainpop on Steroids

Then read the following online articles:

The Politics of Steroid Abuse

THG and Designer Steroids

Greatest Drug Scandals

The Race to Nab Cheating Athletes

AND it’s not just athletes

There will be a discussion board topic for you to post your comments about how (and even if) this problem can be addressed?

Then discuss what you think, if anything, can be done to stop the abuse of performance-enhancing drugs (and steroids are only one group) in athletes, which has filtered down now to even middle and elementary school levels wanting to be sports stars! How much do sports fans, coaches and even parents bear a responsibility by expecting ‘our’ teams/athletes/children to ALWAYS win?