13 page research paper discussing the infectious diseases that natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, blizzards, storms, floods, droughts, outbreaks, tsunamis, etc. bring to society.

Also, how the spread of these infectious diseases can be avoided.

How do these infectious diseases spread during a disaster.

What type of infectious diseases are spread and what are their treatments.

Assignment requirement:

please include reference page, abstract, title page.

Develop a 13 page written paper in APA format utilizing any public health scenario of your choice. Use in-text citation. Use eat least 3 references in APA format. 13 pages does not include the reference page, or the abstract page, 13 pages of the body of a paper.

NO PLAGARISM. I will check for plagiarism before confirming answer.

If you have any questions on the way please let me know.