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Question 1 – Describe the controllable and uncontrollable risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease. What steps can an individual take to prevent cardiovascular disease? If we know how to prevent this, why do you think we have such high rates of cardiovascular disease in the United States? Find a type of prevention program that is available to prevent cardiovascular disease. Discuss how effective this program is (include evaluation findings).

Question 2 – Describe the function of the immune system. In what ways can the immune system be bolstered? As a health psychologist, how would you present information on the importance of the immunizations to a local community or parenting group?

Question 3 – All of us struggle with problems throughout our lives, and the decision of when to seek professional help remains unclear. Discuss the kinds of feelings and behaviors that are clues or symptoms indicating that a problem has evolved into a serious issue. If you had a friend who was experiencing these behaviors or feelings, what are three different resources you would recommend to them? Explain why you choose those three resources.

Question 4 – Describe what it means to be psychologically healthy. What role does stress play in psychological health and what techniques are recommended for alleviating stress? Explain how to develop and maintain a positive self-concept and healthy self-esteem.

Please list one reference for each question