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Week 7 midweek assignment

Subject: Nursing

Sources: 5 sources required

Style: APA

Research topic: Diabetes in pregnancy

Research Proposal Draft By the due date assigned,

write a 2 page paper addressing the sections below of the research proposal.


Extraneous Variables (and plan for how controlled).

Instruments: Description, validity, and reliability estimates, which have been performed (on a pre-established measure). Include plans for testing validity and reliability of generating your own instrument(s). Description of the Intervention Data Collection Procedures


Identifies Variables (and plans for how they are controlled) Includes description of the selected instrument(s), validity, and reliability estimates. BIBLIOGRAPHY: From your textbook, Burns and Grove’s The Practice of Nursing Research: Appraisal, Synthesis, and Generation of Evidence, read the Following Chapters: Measurement Concepts Measurement Methods Used in Developing Evidence for Practice Collecting and Managing Data