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“Health Economics” Please respond to the following:

  • As a Human Resources manager for a company of 50 employees, you have been tasked with purchasing the best group health insurance for your organization. Analyze at least two (2) lifestyle choices relative to the effect(s) that these choices could have on the organization’s premiums. Support your rationale with two (2) examples.
  • What sort of insurance might be best for your employees, including a discussion of HMO versus PPO types of insurance products.
  • Discuss the impact of the Affordable Care Act on the decision as to whether you would offer health insurance to your employees.
    • Would it be better to pay the fine for not offering insurance?
    • Would it be better to refer your employees to the individual insurance market, or refer them to government provided insurance such as Medicaid?
    • Analyze at least two roles that human resources management plays in selecting necessary employee benefits. Next, determine the degree to which employee feedback has impacted the selection of these benefits.