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Please complete a 3-4 page paper discussing your case study 4 technology assignment. Use the same peer reviewed resources from the presentation, or add additional sources if desired.

If you chose to do this, please submit your best work

The grading will be scored using the attached rubric Writing Rubric (attached below)

Additional information for the paper:

  • Your document should be in APA format and completely cover the topic.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The paper should 1-2 page body, in-text citations, minimal to no direct quotes from the source (paraphrase and cite instead), and references in APA format. Use Times New Roman 12 pt font for the entire paper.
  • The completed document should be at least three (or more) pages in length, not including references and title pages.
  • Do not upload as a PDF, but as a Word document instead.
  • Attached powerpoint to give a guide of assignment