Overview and Rationale

Becoming a global leader requires one to understand many things outside of their natural thoughts of leadership. The Globe Smart instrument helps one to evaluate themselves against multiple dimensions in various countries so that one can develop a personal leadership philosophy with an acount plan to address their own developments based on the outcome of this assessment.

Assignment Objectives

• Students will be able to connect personal experiences with each aspect of the course, citing course readings, lectures, and discussions.

• Students will be able to follow their personal progress as a leader by doing their own SWOT analysis.

• Through the leadership learning journals, students will recognize obstacles and strengths to their own development as a leader, as well as identifying solutions or plans on how to overcome those obstacles or develop those strengths.

These journals should be submitted to Blackboard by the assigned date. Reproduced are the details of expectations.

1 You will have to take your Globe Smart Cultural assessment (Please register with your NEU email address at https://www.aperianglobal.com/register/ and follow the instructions to take the assessment)

Already finished. Results.

2 Compare your profile against your home country. (China)and at least about 4 other countries. Two of these countries should be in your immediate home country proximity and two other countries should be in a completely opposite side of the world. For instance, say you pick India, Vietnam, Australia, China, or Japan in the one set, you pick Britain, United States, Canada, Brazil, or Peru in another set.

3 Seek advice from the GlobeSmart again how your style matches against the various countries.

4 Develop a Personal Leadership Profile that will best suit all these competencies should you work in any of these countries, have team members in your project or in your department, or need to interface with people from these countries as clients, suppliers, vendors, etc.

5 Your paper should be 4 pages. (single-spaced, 12-point font) References

1. Introduction (high-level findings from taking this Globe Smart Self-reflection)
2, 3,4, 5, 6,For every five traits (Independent vs Independent, Egalitarian vs Status, Risk vs Certainty, Direct vs Indirect, Task vs Relationship), address the following.
a. Summarize your understanding of this trait
b. How was your profile different from the countries you selected?
c. What do you think was the reason behind the differences?
d. From the list of recommendations given by the Globe Smart tool, what do you relate and can implement?

. Conclusion

. References