our formal paper for the semester will actually be written in 2 parts. The first part, due

23 September

, will have you write about George Washington’s Farewell Address of 1796. You

are to explore what advice he provided in terms of foreign relations, and why he offered such

advice (What was happening internationally at the time that made him consider the issue? What

circumstances was the United States in?). This part should be 3-5 pages long.

You will hand this part in and have it graded as a regular paper with feedback. For the

second part you will build from your original paper (changing to reflect your feedback if

necessary) and consider whether the United States has followed George Washington’s advice in

the last 50 years (from the Cold War to the current period). This new part, too, should be 3-5

pages long, making a total paper of 6 – 10 pages. The complete paper is due

9 December


Both parts must be typed, double-spaced, and

must include citations

even if you are only

using class materials (though outside, scholarly, materials are acceptable). Remember to cite all

information used, not only the direct quotations.