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GENE 100 Discussion

This week, we have examined God’s unfolding plan of salvation through Israel. God made covenants with humans. We see this in the life of Abraham, Moses, David, and the people of Israel. Ultimately, the Old Testament points towards a New Covenant under Christ Jesus. After several thousand years of God’s unfolding plan, Jesus breaks on to the scene, declaring that the Kingdom of God had come. You have read about the start of Jesus’ ministry in the Gospel of John 1-3.

In 300-350 words, identify two aspects/identities/roles of Christ in John 1-3 and discuss this role in light of a theme or themes we have learned in Weeks 1-3.

For example, you might note in John 1 that Jesus is identified as the “Word” who was present at creation. How does this relate to our study of the creation narrative in Genesis 1?

Another example might be to highlight the fact that John the Baptist calls Jesus the “Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” How might that connect to the story of the Passover?