Gender Diary

Due: Oct 14, 2019 at 11:00 AM


Part 1:

For this assignment you will keep a diary for a 48-hour period in which you try to record acts or situations that gender you. As you create your diary, consider the following questions:

What acts do you perform that you think express your gender?

How do others ascribe a gender to you?

Which acts or interactions seem to reinforce your gender most?

Are there situations in which you find yourself resisting the cultural markers of gender?

Are there situations in which you find yourself embracing the cultural markers of gender?

If you are unsure whether an act or situation genders you, record those events and try to figure out why they are confusing.

Part 2:

Using your gender diary, write a two-to-three page reflection piece (600-800 words) that addresses the questions below. While this paper is not an essay, clarity and argumentation are still expected. Write concisely and in an analytical manner. Be sure to proofread your work.

What is gender?

What gender(s) are you, if any? Why?

Do you construct your gender or is your gender constructed for you? Why?

What do your experiences from your 48-hour diary tell you about the cultural construction of gender?

You are welcome to engage the readings in your paper.

Evaluation: Papers will be awarded full, partial, or no credit. Papers that adhere to all of the instructions will receive full credit.

Formatting requirements: Double-spaced pages; 12-point standardized font; one-inch margins; number your pages; include a word count.

Deadline: Monday, October 14 by 11am

Submission instructions: Upload to your discussion section’s Canvas site with a file name: [your first and last name].Gender Diary.pdf

[*] This assignment has been adapted from Gillian Frank, “A Kiss is Never Just a Kiss: Introducing Students to the History of Sexuality in the United States.” Syllabus 1.2 (2012).