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You receive an email from Cecilia asking you to select one of the recommended topics from the following list to research for the speech:

  1. Topic: How to Leverage Social Media Marketing
    1. Main Point One: Branding
    2. Main Point Two: Positioning
    3. Main Point Three: Engaging With Clients
  2. Topic: Why We Need to Prioritize Data Privacy
    1. Main Point One: What Is Data Privacy?
    2. Main Point Two: Why Is Data Privacy Important?
    3. Main Point Three: Steps You Can Take to Manage Your Data Privacy
  3. Topic: The Art of Writing Effective Speeches
    1. Main Point One: Researching Relevant Information
    2. Main Point Two: Organizing Your Information
    3. Main Point Three: Incorporating Visual Presentation Aids
  4. Topic: Professional Networking Strategies in PR
    1. Main Point One: Rules for Networking
    2. Main Point Two: Building Relationships
    3. Main Point Three: PR Career Advice

Once you select an appropriate topic, research information that provides relevant information for Cecilia to develop her speech. Cecilia has requested your research be organized in a concise manner, so you should use the Research Outline Template provided to document the supporting material and source information.

  1. Based on the topic you selected, it is important to determine the purpose of the speech so you can identify the research needs for your outline. The purpose of the speech will also help Cecilia appropriately frame her presentation to the audience and occasion.
    • In your research outline, determine the purpose of the speech based on the topic, audience, and occasion.
  2. Cecilia has requested that you identify a variety of resource types (that provide relevant information for her speech). In her email, she specifically asks you to do the following:
    • Identify at least five credible and reliable resources that provide relevant information for the speech.
    • Assess the reliability and credibility of the information source. Explain your reasoning by considering the following:
      • Who authored the information?
      • When was the information published?
      • Is the information from a credible source such as peer-reviewed journal articles, textbooks, and so on? What makes the source credible?
    • Accurately cite a variety of sources using APA format.
  3. As you research the speech topic, gather information for Cecilia’s speech from the resources you’ve identified in your outline. Make sure you provide sufficient, detailed information in the outline so it is clear to Cecilia what information is relevant to include in her speech.
    • Research the speech topic and identify the pertinent information that supports the three main points.
    • Explain how the information from each resource supports the speech. Consider the following:
      • Does this information support the speech’s three main points?
      • How does the information support the type of speech (persuasive, informative, etc.)?
      • How will the information appeal to the specific audience?
      • Is the information appropriate for the occasion of the speech?