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How to Find a Thesis Statement

  • The thesis will always be in the introduction.
  • A thesis statement can be to two sentences long. These sentences will almost always be right next to each other.
  • A thesis always makes an argument.
  • Look for key phrases like, “I will argue,” “this paper will analyze,” etc.
  • If there is an abstract, see if you can find the thesis statement there. It will be repeated in the body of the article. You must find the thesis in the introduction for full credit.
  • Check the conclusion. The thesis is often repeated in the conclusion. You must find the matching thesis in the introduction for credit.

oLook for subheadings or breaks in text.

oAn introduction can be 4-5 pages long. The thesis statement can come anywhere in that space. This means look beyond the first paragraph or the first page.

oBe careful to evaluate whether or not these phrases are part of sentences that make arguments.

You must find the thesis in the introduction to get full credit. Theses found int the abstract will receive partial credit. Theses found in the conclusion will receive no credit.