Since we are at the end of the class, this is the perfect time to reflect upon the achievement of Course Learning Outcomes. As the Syllabus states …. after completing this course, you will be able to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • determine core requisite competencies for the organization and differentiate a total rewards program to attract, retain, and motivate employees possessing the organization’s required competencies
  • design a total rewards program that incorporates monetary, non-monetary, and environmental elements in order to ensure organizational success
  • select metrics that are aligned with the organization’s objectives in order to ensure organizational success
  • formulate a plan for implementing a total rewards program in order to ensure success of the program

1. Considering the activities, assignments, discussions, reading material in this course, what has been most useful to your learning process?

2. From the list of learning outcomes listed for you above, which one do you feel you learned the most helpful knowledge about and also, please share how you will use the knowledge you gained about it.