Paper Assignment Description (10%):

Write a paper to demonstrate how the issues that are being discussed in the course it would impact your future career.(Sustainability manager)

The paper should be at least 5 pages (1,500 words + -). The point it is, how do you see the course impacting your profession, current or planned. It is not a research paper based on library sources.

Guidelines for Written Assignments:

Written Assignments: Papers will be double-spaced with a 12-font size and top, bottom, and side margins no larger than one inch wide. Papers must be within the assigned length, excluding footnotes and a bibliography, which are mandatory.

In each paper, proper citing of references in the body of the paper and a bibliography are required. Note that only those materials actually cited in the body of the paper should be included in the bibliography. Citations are required not only for direct quotes, but also for paraphrases of an author’s words or ideas. Failure to cite properly is a serious offense in academia. Please use information you have learned about from the textbook and other periodicals accessible through the American University Library.

  • Proposed Outline of the paper

1.Introduction (the reason for writing the paper?)

2.Brief description of the industry and its major functions.(Sustainability)

3.The importance of finance in Sustainability.

4.Your prospective role (position) in that industry/activity? (which will be a sustainability manager).

5.How do you see the relation/impact of what you are acquiring from the course?and your future involvement?



I attached the Syllabus to take an idea about the course

Thank you.