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Section 2: (50%) This section will include two of the following short essay prompts. You will be required to answer one of them. These questions may be approached in very different ways and there is no single way to frame their answers. Support your responses in detail using information from both the lectures and readings. Please be sure to write in full sentences and doublespace your answers. 1. How did changes in immigration law beginning in 1952 fundamentally change the demographics of Asian American communities? Discuss key changes in detail and note the effects they had on Asian American communities in the second half of the twentieth century. 2. To what degree have issues of racism, sexism and silences regarding sexuality affected Asian Americans since the start of the Asian American movement? Discuss at least three major incidents in Asian American history in which these three phenomena negatively impacted Asian Americans and explain how racism, sexism and silences surrounding sexuality functioned in those cases. 3. The lives of Asian Americans in Hawaii were shaped by significantly different factors than those on the mainland. What historical factors transformed Hawaii into a place of exceptionally diverse Asian American influence? Be sure to consider the origins of Hawaii’s racially based labor system and explain why that system unraveled during the first half of the twentieth century. 4. How does one construct his own identity when one is caught between very different cultures? Is cultural identity separate from personal identity or are they mixed together? In the graphic novel American Born Chinese, how does the author Gene Luen Yang try to redefine what it means to look American? How does Jin come to terms with his feelings of being inferior? Include a discussion of the internal conflict(s) Jin faces? Who is the character Chin-kee? Why does Gene Yang incorporate the story of “The Monkey King?” How does the Monkey King motif play out in American Born Chinese?