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Creating a new religion: consumerism

You need to focus on the ethics and service about the new religion (consumerism)

Your paper should be 3-5 pages (1500 words), and should 1) describe your component, 2) show how it fits in with the rest of the religion, 3) compare it with some existing religion we discussed in class, 4) tell how it’s global (referring to ideas from the readings and lecture).

essay outline :

Ethics and service:

Ethics studies what people should do or not do, what is right or wrong, and what is a good life or a good society. A consumerist ethics answers each of these questions in the following ways:

What should I do or not do?

Primary duty: buying and using goods and services

      1. What should I avoid: overspending or losing money so that I can no longer fulfill my primary duty, which is to buy and use goods and services.
        1. I should never be in a position where I cannot afford to consume.
      2. Regarding our obligations to other people, consumerists believe that other people are fundamentally trading partners. A consumerist community has to have a functioning trade system. But in order to trade, trades need to be successful and sustainable. For that to happen:
        1. I have to understand what the other person wants
        2. I have to deliver what the other person wants
        3. I need to have an attractive personality that makes people want to trade with me
        4. We have to maintain everyone’s trust that trades are fair and good for everyone:
          1. Contracts have to be honored
          2. Prices have to be fair
    1. What is right and wrong, and how can I tell the difference?
      1. Right: to consume and to promote consumption
      2. Wrong: not consuming or making it difficult to consume or trade
      3. We can tell a wrong action b/c it causes bad economic consequences, such as lost time, lost money, lost resources.
    2. What is a good life?
    3. What is a good society?