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Must contact me so I can provide the logins for my Chegg because that is where the book that is needed for this assignment and if done a good job (B or higher) I have another assignment I will give you.

Essays and Reflections III (Chapters 8-11)

For this exam you will write one essay on a broad question:

How do you see regional societies developing in Chapters 8-11?Consider how ideas and cultural interactions from this era have contributed to our world.

To answer the question, please do one of these options:

Option I:Standard essay with about five pages of writing.Pictures are encouraged but not required in this option.If you use pictures, what you write about the pictures will count toward the pages.

Option II:Illustrated essay with about eight paragraphs of writing and at least six pictures.In this option, make sure the pictures and the writing work closely together and reinforce each other.(You might want to start by finding pictures; then write your essay around what the pictures represent.)

Use information related to the reading handouts for Chapters 8-11.Please aim for about three key items from each chapter.You may also use material from the Intro to Part 2, where the authors make generalizations about regional societies.

When you use key terms from the reading handouts please put them in bold.To use a handout question that doesn’t have any bold, highlight or make bold a few words from the question.

In addition to our main textbook, please also use material from our supplemental book, Sources for World in the Making.For this purpose you could also use material from special sections in the regular textbook, such as Reading the Past, Seeing the Past, or Lives and Livelihoods. Please make sure you mention at least one reading from our supplemental book (or one special section in the regular book) for each chapter we are using.Please highlight the title of the special material, or a few descriptive words, with the color of your choice.

Please write in short to medium-sized paragraphs.In your first paragraph, please provide an introduction with a general statement about the broad changes you are discussing in your essay.

In your last paragraph, provide a conclusion to tie the essay together.Give the reader one or two insights to walk away with.Tell how the material enriches our lives or helps us understand our world.

You want to share information from our reading (with page numbers or chapter numbers), but you do not need to use direct quotes.An occaissional quote could be helpful, but please use quotes sparingly.