essay about ted talk video 1 A+ Writers |


Write a 1000-1200 word essay that evaluates and interprets your chosen speech,

following—but not necessarily limited to—the key criteria from our Speech Evaluation

forms. Not all of those criteria will be relevant to every speech; choose accordingly. Each

essay should demonstrate mastery of all aspects of English grammar and usage.

In addition, your essay must include analysis of the audience and the relationship

of the speaker and his/her speech to it. Although this may sound rather general, it is so

in order to let you think about and decide what’s of key importance.

Make sure that your essay includes a clearly distinct introduction with a thesis

statement; a body in which you present, develop and support your main ideas; and a

conclusion which summarizes your subject and findings. Generally, the proportions of

these different parts are: Introduction, 10-15%; Body, 70-80%; Conclusion, 10-15%.

Use quotations from the speech to illustrate and/or support your key points.

Quotes should not exceed 15-20% of your total word count.

All essays must also include an outline of the speech (not included in word

count) on a separate page. Essays should also have interesting titles, not languid tags

such as “Harris’s Speech” etc. etc.


Format: Hard copies only; typed, 12 characters per inch, line spacing set @ 1.5 or 2.… this the vedio