Use the journal article attached below to answer the following questions. Be thorough and detailed in your answers. Use your own words, do not use direct quotes unless the question specifically gives permission to do so. Where appropriate use APA citations within your answers and provide a full bibliography at the end of each question. Some questions may require research beyond your text and the selected paper.

Question 1 of 8

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Provide the full APA citation for the article for this quiz.Also provide the parenthetical citation(s) you would use for this article.

Question 2 of 8

20.0 Points

Write a short essay that explains the big picture questions/issues that this paper is attempting to address with their work (you will summarize the specific questions in the next item). Use your textbook and at least 2 other academically appropriate sources to help you with your explanation. Be sure to cite your sources properly.

Question 3 of 8

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What were the specific questions the authors were seeking to answer. If the author(s) put forth a specific hypothesis(es) state those, in direct quotes, here, along with the summary of their questions in your own words.

Question 4 of 8

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Was the study the authors are writing about observational or experimental? How do you know?What is the evidence for the way you answered this question?

Question 5 of 8

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In your own words, describe the methods (including data analysis) the authors used to test/answer their question(s). You might need to consult outside sources to help you explain these, particularly any data analysis or statistics they used. Cite any sources you use properly.

Question 6 of 8

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Summarize what the authors claim to have found in this study/experiment. What evidence do they cite? Does what they found go along with or contradict other evidence from similar studies? (NOTE: no need to do more research here, just summarize what they tell you in the paper)

Question 7 of 8

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Pretend that you are a researcher studying similar topics.Describe an experiment/study that you could conduct in order to build on what the authors have here. State specific hypotheses and questions and what sorts of data you’d need to address them. Be very detailed and specific.Often papers will talk in the discussion about what persistent questions still need answering, this might help you but you are not limited to this.

Question 8 of 8

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Write a critique of the paper. Be sure to include (but not be limited by) the following questions: Do you agree with the author(s) interpretation of their data? Why or why not? What things did you find challenging? What were you unable to figure out? What suggestions could you give to the authors for making this easier to understand?