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Project Instructions – Need a research paper and presentation by tomorrow afternoon (Paper 1500 words -PPT 5 to 10 slides )

You are Consultants hired to present an ERM solution for an organization. Examples of ERMs are listed below or you can choose one of your own.

Disaster Risk Reduction Management Plan

Enterprise Risk Management For Government

Enterprise Risk Management For Financial Institutions

Information Security Risk Management

IT Vendor Risk Management

Event Safety Risk Management

Student Event Risk Management

Project Risk Management

You will provide a writeup and oral presentation of your ERM solution as if you were meeting with the CEO and board members. Your writeup:

•Must be in APA Style

•If APA is new to you, search for “APA Style”

•Paper format: ERM Proposal

•Must Have at Least 6 Works Cited

•4 works must be Peer Reviewed Works/Articles

•Must be at Least 1,500 words

•Body only

•Don’t overdo this!!

•You MUST use APA format

•Google scholar

•Proper in-text references

•Proper end or paper references list

•Plagiarism is NOT tolerated

•SafeAssign will analyze each paper

•Plagiarized work will receive a score of zero

•Resources you use must be current!

•Must be published within the last 3 years

Your written and oral presentation should be:

No more than 10 minutes

Explain your ERM solution

Be creative

Contain 5-10 slides