Your initial post should respond to all three questions below and should be around 300 words. In your response, be sure to include reference to specific moments, language, and details from the TED talks and the readings. In other words, be sure to include specific textual evidence. Note that since we have two different Porters this week–Eduardo and Michael–it would be helpful if you referred to each by his full name.

1. Compare and contrast the arguments made by Steve Lohr and Eduardo Porter in the two articles you read this week. How are their arguments similar? How are they different?

2. In what ways are the two TED talks by Michael Porter and Wendy Woods similar and different?

3. What company and social responsibility issue have you decided to focus upon for Essay 3?

In addition, you will need to respond meaningfully to TWO of your classmates’ posts, and those responses should be at least 100 words.