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HI! I need a 5 page essay the not including the works cited page thursday 5/28. It would make it easier if you have read Yonnodio from the thirties but if not its okay! I prefer someone who is familiar with the book. I have the requirements down below, and it needs six sources, one from the book and the other being secondary sources, that have to be strictly from my school websites library( i will show you how ) I have all the requirements and prompt below. DUE 5/28 preferably around 4pm! thank you <3! MLA format.

Research Paper — Defining Tillie Olsen’s Yonnondio as Social Criticism

Tillie Olsen’s novel Yonnondio: From the Thirties portrays complex layers of physical and psychological conflict, and the result is a haunting work of social criticism. Yonnondio is, among many things, a protest novel, and its representations of poverty, violence, and exploitation convey its protest. Your assignment is to write an extended definition essay defining the novel as a work of social critique, incorporating your own research and using as many patterns of development as needed for your purpose. Considering what others have written about Yonnondio, develop your own interpretation of the novel’s protest and declare it in a well-focused and comprehensive thesis statement supported by logical argument, pertinent examples from the text, and effective use of secondary sources.


  • Minimum: 5 1/2 pages (not counting the works cited page), typed, 12-point font, consistently double-spaced from top to bottom throughout the entire document, in between paragraphs, and throughout the works cited page.
  • Structure: Include a title, an introduction paragraph that builds up to a clear thesis statement, sufficient supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph with closing remarks. Note: Be sure to give your essay a creative and descriptive title to orient your reader and generate interest in your topic. Your introduction should further develop interest and situate you reader before declaring your thesis.
  • Format: Strictly follow 8th edition MLA guidelines, including headers, heading, borders, indents, spacing, and mechanics of quotation and documentation.
  • Research: Incorporate five peer-reviewed secondary sources as supporting evidence reinforcing your main point. Quote from each article at least once. Access articles through Pierce College Library’s online databases, such as Academic Search Complete, Gale Literary Sources, and JSTOR. Note: Linda Ray Pratt’s introduction to the novel may be used as a secondary source.
  • Quotation: Make every quotation part of your own sentence and give parenthetical reference with page number and author name. Omit the author’s name if you state it while introducing the quote. Note: Quotations taking up four lines or more of your essay require special formatting (see “Long Quotations” Patterns 555).
  • Documentation: Include a works cited page formatted according to 8th edition MLA guidelines. It should have six citation entries: one for Yonnondio and one for each of your five secondary sources. MLA guidelines require that a list of works cited have a page number, consistent double spacing, half-inch hanging indents, and specific ordering of information and punctuation. Note: While you may use Pratt’s introduction to the novel as a secondary source, be aware that it requires its own work cited entry and parenthetical references (see Patterns 561).

Your essay will be scored holistically, based on content, completeness of your response, support from the text, effective use of researched material and quotations, MLA formatting, conventions of English writing, including spelling, grammar, and usage, in addition to readability.