energy and enzyme study guide 1 A+ Writers |

Please answer the following 12 questions while using these key terms:

Key terms: endergonic reaction, exergonic reaction ATP, energy coupling, kinetic energy, substrate potential, energy active site, activation energy, free energy enzyme, metabolism, cofactor, and coenzyme

1. Describe each of the laws of thermodynamics.

2. Draw the structure of ATP. How does the ATP molecule carry energy?

3. Describe how ATP couples exergonic and endergonic reactions.

4. Describe the steps in the process of how an enzyme catalyzes a reaction.

5. Describe the difference between anabolic and catabolic pathways and give an example of each. How are anabolic and catabolic reactions linked?

6. What is activation energy? How do enzymes lower activation energy?

7. How does substrate concentration affect reaction rate?

8. What factors can affect the rate of an enzyme catalyzed reaction?

9. What is meant by enzyme denaturation? What types of conditions will denature an enzyme?

10. What is a metabolic pathway? How are enzymes involved in metabolic pathways?

11. Compare and contrast the action of a competitive enzyme inhibitor and a non-competitive inhibitor.

12. What is an allosteric enzyme? How do these enzymes function?