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Basic on those information to write 1 page course learning summary. Use simple sentence

What I learned from this course: 1, How to write Memo and Mini Term paper. 2, How to write a good personal Bio . 3, How to use school library system to find journal articles. 4, APA style.

The course is designed to help you:

1. Acquire skills in professional and academic writing. 2. Become familiar with basic library research (in economics) and formatting of term papers, abstracts and APA citation. 3. Become sensitive to accessibility in documentation. 4. Become sensitive to traditional and emerging forms of plagiarism. 5. Develop skills and confidence in collaborative research and writing. 6. Develop confidence in oral presentation. 7. Strengthen time management skills through report writing on deadline.

LEARNING OUTCOMES 1. I can write an effective memo that backgrounds the reader, summarizes key issues, and recommends a clear course of action to be taken. My memos are concise, accessible and can connect with the interests and needs of memo recipients. I can apply the basic memo to academic and professional tasks. 2. I can write a proposal that describes a project, its purpose and function. 3. I am familiar with the basic format of academic paper and can write an abstract and cite references in APA style. I understand the importance of peer reviewed references. 4. I have accessed the university library and conducted basic searches using OneSearch.