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Please respond to two of the following prompts.

Prompt 1

  • Define the following four areas of law that are relevant to ethical issues in technical communication: copyright, trademark, contract, and liability

Prompt 2

  • What are the three characteristics of a code of conduct? On the Web, locate the American Chemical Society’s code of conduct. Evaluate its effectiveness against these characteristics

Prompt 3

  • Define four types of oral presentations. Explain each one’s strengths and weaknesses

Prompt 4

  • Go to ted.com and select a topic from “most popular talks.” After listening, comment on the following:
    • How does the speaker capture and hold the audience’s attention? How much text do the slides contain? How does the speaker structure the presentation? Is there a “theme” that runs throughout the presentation? What are some techniques that the speaker uses to make the presentation effective? Is there anything the speaker does that is ineffective? What is your overall impression of the presentation and of the speaker?


Initial Post

  • Minimum 150 words
  • Include at least one reference from the text or outside source in your analysis