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  • Your Project Sponsor and customer are impressed with your project schedule, but due to some factors out of their control, you’ve been told to deliver your project early, roughly 15% earlier than anticipated. Using the information from the readings, explain how you would go about assessing the possibility of delivering your project early. How will that affect scope, costs, and schedule?
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Student’s Response 1

To deliver the project at the early date the project manager will have to consider the following:

  • Material
  • Labor
  • Human resources
  • Finances

Delivering at an earlier time may result in going over budget, so the finances will certainly increase. The human resources increase in time spent on the project and task either doubling or may be for the overtime and increase in work hours for the full-time staff. The delivery of materials will have to be rescheduled to ensure all software is for the project is uploaded onto the devices. There may have to be elimination of some task if there is not enough time to perform them all before deadline, but prioritizing what can either be eliminated or worked on after the deadline will have to be determined by the scope of the project. We do run the risk of not having delays if materials are not delivered in the timeframe allotted for the earlier date. Each benchmark of the project must be considered before adjusting the timeline of the project to make sure you have adequate resources to finish by due date. For the finances, if it does not fall within budget the sponsor would have to agree to an increase or the entire project may have to be redefined to see if new deadlines and all tasks will remain part of the project.

Student’s Response 2

I would look into the slack and float time of other projects and programs in my portfolio. I would then see If those projects have personnel that would be able to provide metrics support for the project with an earlier than expected delivery date. I would confirm with upper management that it is ok to borrow production time or slack from other projects. I would justify this move by showing how the borrowed slack from other projects will not lead to a deficit in the program’s float due to when our project is complete, we will assist the other projects to ensure they meet their deadlines in which we borrowed production time from. I would also justify the use of external team metrics support because of the benefit in investing (cost) into cross training our teams. The cross training would allow for team members to rotate responsibilities, grow their knowledge base while also helping the company become better prepared to provide solutions to growing requirements.

Costs may temporarily increase for my specific project; however, the company would overall be spending approximately the same amount of money in the long term. The amount would just apportion slightly higher more towards our contract in the short term to complete it in the required time. Costs could be significantly higher if we would have to pay our team overtime or work with a third party to complete the project.

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