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Hello, I would like you to follow the steps below as carful as possible and all the work should be in your own words.

For this discussion topic, we’ll be taking on the Getty Museum Challenge! I’ve seen this all over social media and the news and I could not resist having you all take it on as well!

The Getty Museum Challenge inspires all of us to take on visual art and bring it to life by US! Please read the Getty article before watching the video:

https://blogs.getty.edu/iris/getty-artworks-recreated-with-household-items-by-creative-geniuses-the-world-over/ (Links to an external site.)

Now that you have read the article, watch this video from PBS’s News Hour, to get more of an idea of what the challenge is about.

Now that you have read the article (Links to an external site.) and watched the video above, you are ready to create your own image! Be sure to read the requirements below:

Requirements for your post;

  1. First watch the video and read the article; they will help by giving some tips, who to enlist and how to frame the photograph.
  2. Follow the steps that the article outlines.
  3. You may choose an artwork from our text book OR from the Getty Museum.
  4. Replicate it with yourself, your pets, family, or other household elements.
  5. Your post should include your image and the image of the artwork that you are creating. Here’s an image form the Getty website: I have attached the image for you.

Please let me know if you have any question.